The Smartflo Concept

The problem of decomposing organic matter in house gutters has been a perpetual problem for many years. Traditionally, solutions have relied on various kinds of screens fitted over the gutter to separate leaves and other organic matter from rainwater. These are often plagued with siltation, and can also catch and hold leaves on the roof.

Using intelligent design principles, Smartflo gutter has been manufactured to optimise rainwater catchment, while minimising gutter maintenance. The broad, shallow pre-gutter presents a smooth surface on which leaves land. The shallow profile promotes drying, and provides opportunity for moderate breezes to blow leaves off the top of the pre-gutter. Domed polymer filters inserted every 500mm in the pre-gutter, allow water to pass from the upper pre gutter into the running channel below. By keeping the organic matter separate from the collected water, the organic decay which is so common place in conventional quad gutter, is prevented, improving water quality and increasing the longevity of the gutter.

Why should we switch to Smartflo?

Urban communities have been encouraged for decades to rely on centrally managed water authorities for all domestic water consumption. However the recent drought conditions right across the continent, coupled with mounting scientific evidence of global warming, suggest that urban reservoirs will be inadequate to cater for demand in the future. Additionally, it is now recognised that flushing toilets, washing cars, washing clothes, and watering gardens with drinking quality water is a massive waste of resources. In June 2005, Sydney's water supply was at 38% of available capacity, the lowest level since Warragamba Dam opened in 1960. Water authorities around the country are now actively encouraging owners of domestic dwellings to install tanks, to lighten the load on central reserves, and make use of rainwater run off. With roof water being directed into tanks, there is an increased emphasis on gutter and downpipe maintenance, and it is in this area that Smartflo gutter provides the greatest advantage.

Smartflo is manufactured by Top Idea Australia Pty Ltd, 15 Binney Rd, Kings Park NSW 2148