Client Comments

"Thankyou, and the gutter at Kangaroo Valley is going really well so thankyou for supplying that too. Best wishes Kate"

"Hi, I was hoping you could give me a contact for a supplier in or near Canberra. We had Smartflo installed on our previous house in 1998 and were extremely impressed with the performance, and now we'd like to do the new place too. cheers, Scott"

"Good morning I had your guttering installed about 6 months ago and the tank water has never been cleaner so thank you for a great product. There is however the usual buildup of leaves to deal with and I was wondering if you had come across some sort or brush that could be used from ground level that I could use to sweep the gutters with. A big plus with your system is there are no supports so it should be quite easy to a thorough clean out. Many Thanks Andy Clareville"

"Hi Bill
Thanks very much for this excellent service and quick delivery."...Ben, Horsfield Bay, NSW

Smartflo is manufactured by Top Idea Australia Pty Ltd, 15 Binney Rd, Kings Park NSW 2148