About the Product

Despite their claims, many leaf protection systems create a platform where debris collects. Essentially these systems are designed to isolate leaves and debris from the gutter to maximise water flows. Unfortunately, the material used in these leaf systems can cause the debris to become lodged as it decomposes. Cleaning and maintenance remain on-going issues.

Cleaning gutters is the most common task where ladder injuries occur! Research on DIY injuries from Monash University's Accident Research Centre suggests that ladders are the most hazardous due to the severity of the injuries sustained.

In fire conditions Smartflo eliminates the need for urgent cleaning and water filling. Its unique design ensures that leaves, debris and insects are removed during light breezes. These may seem harmless but in dry conditions they can be highly-combustible.

Why Smartflo?

How effective is Smartflo during storms?

Unpredictable weather patterns are becoming a feature of the Australian climate. It's comforting to know that Smartflo can cope with '1 in 20 year storms'*. This equates to events of more than 180mm (7 inches) of rainfall per hour. Smartflo is completely enclosed with filters located along its length. The standard spacing is two filters per metre, although additional filters can be added if the area is subject to high rainfall.* An 'Assessment of Smartflo Guttering' was prepared by Newcastle University's Research Division in 1999.

Aren't all gutters alike?

The principle behind the gutter hasn't changed since Roman times. They understood the importance of water management, even having a goddess of sewers, 'Cloacina'.

Archaeologists have unearthed ancient dwellings with elaborate collection systems designed to channel rainwater into storage cisterns used for drinking and bathing. The idea of collecting, saving and harvesting water "didn't come down in the last shower!" We've lived with it for millennia.

Gutter design and materials have changed over time, but until Smartflo there hasn't been an intelligent design. Smartflo is the result of a considerable body of research conducted in Australia that looked at function, application, life expectancy and cost. The result is revolutionary.

Smartflo is scientifically designed with integrated protection to separate debris, vermin and silt from rain water in the most efficient way possible.

Smartflo. Just add water.

Smartflo is made from BlueScope COLORBOND® zincalume steel (0.55mm) for strength, durability and reliability. Materials and manufacture are guaranteed for 12 years. Installation is guaranteed by the installer.

CSIRO testing has rated materials used in Smartflo's manufacture with a flammability index of zero, well below the required index of 5 specified in Australian Standard for Planning for Building in Bush Fire Zones (AS3959).

Smartflo complies with Australian Building Codes and ANZS3500 for operational performance.

Smartflo has licensed installers throughout Australia.

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Smartflo is manufactured by Top Idea Australia Pty Ltd, 15 Binney Rd, Kings Park NSW 2148